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Mathematicians are strange!

By Adam Topaz Hello everyone! It is around that time when everyone is about to have, or has already had their spring break, so… have a good break! or, I hope you had a good break! respectively. Today I wanted … Continue reading

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Spaced Math Repetition Repetition

by Derek Smith I read an article a few weeks ago which reminded me to provide an update on my previous article on my spaced repetition experiment. The end of the quarter seems like a good time to review. The … Continue reading

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Travel Grants Available

by Kareem Carr A comment by Ellen Maycock of the AMS has brought to light some really good opportunities: I wanted to let everyone know about some great funding opportunities that are coming up this summer and fall. ** The … Continue reading

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Letting kids know that math IS a social activity

by Kareem Carr

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LaTeX In Your Gmail Inbox

by Derek Smith I often find myself exchanging small snippets of LaTeX through email while working on problem sets. A few weeks ago I lamented the lack of typesetting within my mail client of choice, Gmail. A colleague tipped me … Continue reading

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