Mathematicians are strange!

By Adam Topaz

Hello everyone! It is around that time when everyone is about to have, or has already had their spring break, so… have a good break! or, I hope you had a good break! respectively. Today I wanted to share a nice blog-post / article that I came across (and I’m sure many of you have already seen it): Should you Date a Mathematician? The author’s blog is also worth checking out as it is quite extensive with posts dating back to 2007. It was interesting reading this article from the “other side” (i.e. as a mathematician in a serious relationship with a non-mathematician). At various points I found myself saying “yep! I do that!;” for example:

Mathematicians are often open and direct. Many mathematicians, like me, have trouble making false statements. I stopped playing —Mafia— because of that. I prefer people who say what they think and do not hold back.

Yep! I do that!

Maybe after reading this article I will be a little more mindful of my strange mathematical quirks in social situations… probably not… In any case, I found this article fun to read and I hope you enjoy it too.

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