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Union-Closed Buckets

In the mines of mathematical conundrums there are a few gems that shine brightly.   Such problems are illuminated with the delight of recreational enjoyment.    Whether it be folding unique shapes with paper or exploring the elementary nature of prime numbers, these … Continue reading

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Investigating Physics

Since the fields are so closely related, a lot of people who study math also end up studying at least a little bit of physics. I always wanted to take a physics class when I was an undergrad, but I … Continue reading

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Improved Presentations with Two Lessons from Tufte

Having spent time in the Air Force and then developing software as a government contractor, I’ve survived more than my share of bad presentations. During this time I began reading the works of the statistician Edward Tufte[wiki]. I’d like to … Continue reading

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Gifted Education

This summer I will be teaching a math course at the Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students ( I plan to discuss the concept of infinity (using debates between the students to help understand the idea properly), magic … Continue reading

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Party At Ramsey’s

“Why mathematics?”  is a question that greets me on occasion from friends and acquaintances wanting to delve into a casual conversation about the subject.   Many times I will start out by offering a recreational math example, such as the … Continue reading

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