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Avery Carr is a senior analyst and past senior editor for the American Mathematical Society Grad Blog. He and his wife, Alison, live in Olive Branch, MS.

3 Revolutionary Women of Mathematics

Originally published by Scientific American  From the profound revelations of the shape of space to the furthest explorations reachable by imagination and logic, the history of mathematics has always been seen as a masculine endeavor. Names like Gauss, Euler, Riemann, … Continue reading

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Carmichael’s Totient Conjecture

In the wake of mathematical enlightenment a profound understanding of basic notions bridges the gap between the conceptual and concrete.   In many cases, problems that have an exterior of simplicity exploit the boundaries of comprehension and provide insight into extensive … Continue reading

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The Eternity II Puzzle: Still Unsolved!!

Between the light and darkness of mathematical knowledge exists an ever-extending boundary that pushes the limits of abstraction into the framework of tangible existence.   What can and cannot be known converges with each symbol in a collection of coherent logic.   Step … Continue reading

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Sierpiński Or Bust

The legendary math Universalist, Henri Poincare, once said, “ Mathematicians do not study objects, but relations between objects.”  Inspired by subtle patterns that emanate from an abyss of ostensible chaos, mathematicians manifest these words by exploring relations within algebraic and … Continue reading

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Three Forces Too Many

Patterns are inexplicably tucked under the fabric of natural existence.   Sometimes, with keen intuition and a strong analytical skill set, mathematical and theoretical physicists peel away the layers of entrancement exposing an ornate and cohesive structure underlying reality.   Whether it … Continue reading

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