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The Evolution of Navigating the Sea

Guest Author: Tyler Padera Have you ever been asked to hang out with a new friend, but maybe you didn’t know where they lived? Maybe you were going to an interview for your new job but needed directions. The solution … Continue reading

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Is Math Truly Forever?

Guest Author: Andrea McNally Anyone involved in the discipline of math can most likely recall one, if not multiple, instances of being questioned on the usefulness of math. Eduardo Saenz de Cabezon addresses this question in his TED talk “Math … Continue reading

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The Winners Write the Textbook

 Guest Author: Dan Walls It is said that the winners write history. While usually this is reserved for the perspectives in history textbooks and other writings, it also finds true in the evolution of mathematical history as well. Beg to … Continue reading

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Hey There, Grad Student, You’re in Good Company – Part 1

By Tai-Danae Bradley A while ago at my blog Math3ma, I wrote a post in response to a great Slate article reminding us that math – like writing – isn’t something that anyone is good at without (at least a little!) effort. As the article’s … Continue reading

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3 Revolutionary Women of Mathematics

Originally published by Scientific American  From the profound revelations of the shape of space to the furthest explorations reachable by imagination and logic, the history of mathematics has always been seen as a masculine endeavor. Names like Gauss, Euler, Riemann, … Continue reading

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