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Towards Embracing Diverse Mathematical Communities

As graduate students, we interact with a wide variety of people: local communities,  students, peers, and professors. Within these interactions, there is great diversity: different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. I believe this is something that makes our mathematical community vibrant … Continue reading

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Hey There, Grad Student, You’re in Good Company – Part 1

By Tai-Danae Bradley A while ago at my blog Math3ma, I wrote a post in response to a great Slate article reminding us that math – like writing – isn’t something that anyone is good at without (at least a little!) effort. As the article’s … Continue reading

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Matrices and MLK Day

When I learned how to multiply matrices in 10th grade, my initial reaction was, “Why on earth would anyone ever want to do that?”  Compared to addition and subtraction, the rules of matrix multiplication seemed arbitrary and meaningless.  Alas, this … Continue reading

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Looking At The Prism

We are almost there! I imagine most of you reading this are beginning to see light at the end of tunnel that is winter break. If you are like me this also means you are ridiculously busy with all the … Continue reading

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CHAT-ing Our Way to a Better Community

Back in May, Alexander Diaz wrote about diversity in the mathematical community and gave some great advice on how to foster a more diverse community. In our mathematics department at CU, we are taking several steps toward that aim, and … Continue reading

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