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My Summer with iClickers

I am not an all technology all the time kind of girl. I don’t believe in calculators on exams, or being in contact with my students via email 24 hours a day. But I LOVE iClickers. IClickers are a student … Continue reading

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All the Benefits of a Grad Seminar!

You could also call this article “Why I love the Grad Topology Seminar.” At UCSB we have had a¬†Grad Topology Seminar since the 70’s. It’s run by graduate students, and only graduate students and postdocs attend. We spend the fall … Continue reading

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Productive Procrastination: The Importance of Having Several Projects

At one point or another, something in your research will stall. Or it be proven useless, incorrect, or already shown in paper X. Co-authors and journals will take months to get back to you. Or your numerical simulation will take … Continue reading

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Things You Should Do Before Your Last Year

I’ve started to worry about applying for jobs and finishing my dissertation, even though two years seems like a lot of time. But in a year from now, one short little year, I will be applying for jobs. Watching those … Continue reading

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Disaster Strikes

So my trusty MacBook has been on the way out for a week or so. While on vacation, I got the modern equivalent of a sad mac face, the question mark of doom.

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