Conference Listings?

by Branden Stone

Graduate students are constantly advised to attend conferences. If you do a quick search on this blog, you will find some encouraging articles describing the benefits of going to a conference. That being said, one thing everyone needs to know before they attend a conference is the existence of the meeting; how do you learn about the conferences? For me, I rely on the website As stated on their website, is a website for the commutative algebra community. In addition to news items of interest to commutative algebraists, we list all the conferences we hear about that focus at least partially on commutative algebra, and sometimes some photos of them. We also maintain as complete a list of commutative algebraists as possible, and a huge list of links to websites of interest.

For a graduate student (or even a researcher) in commutative algebra, this site is fantastic. On one page you have a list of all upcoming conferences and links to registration information.

Do other fields have this type of website? If so, please post the links; it would be a nice to have a list in a central location for graduate students in need of a conference.

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