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How to publish a paper

By Diana Davis So you’ve done some good research, you’ve written it up into a paper, and you’ve chosen a journal. What now? A friend of mine was recently in this situation, so I thought I’d share what he learned.

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If grad school is not for you…

By Diana Davis I absolutely love being a math graduate student. I can’t imagine a better job — they pay me to take math courses, teach calculus to motivated college students, and think about interesting cutting-edge research problems! What could … Continue reading

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Choosing a graduate school

by Diana Davis If your math department is like mine, accepted students are just beginning to visit our department and decide which graduate school they will attend. Let’s help them to make that difficult and important choice. (Also see last … Continue reading

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Appreciating math details in the outside world

By Diana Davis Last spring, I spent a few months reading and understanding a paper about regular octagons. I spent so much time looking at octagons, drawing octagons, and thinking about octagons, that I started noticing them in my everyday … Continue reading

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How to get a teaching recommendation

by Diana Davis The short answer: Ask, and ask now! The longer answer: If you want to have a teaching recommendation (or two or three) in hand by the time you are applying for a job, you should plan ahead. … Continue reading

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