Organizing my organizations

As a graduate student for the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to have an a free or significantly reduced fee membership for the AMS, MAA, Association for Women in Mathematics, Association for Computing Machinery and SIAM. While I am proud to be a member of these organizations, I feel that I hardly use any of the benefits that come with them. For instance, in addition to getting discounts for conference registrations, many of these associations contain a vast collection of instructive material for their members. However, I cannot honestly say that I use any of these resources nor really make any time to read the periodicals, a position that most people in graduate school can agree with.What professional organizations do you belong to and what are some of their benefits? Are there some organizations that are especially good for graduate students? How important is it career-wise to be members of these organizations, or is it mostly for fun?Looking forward to hearing what you think in the comments.

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