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Spring Break Mathematics

Our spring break at Channel Islands begins March 17.  During my break, I will explore the topic of quadratic number rings and Euclidean Domains.  I have already begun assembling and reading literature. Essentially, a Euclidean ring is a domain with … Continue reading

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New Semester

Since my last post before the JMM in January, I’ve begun a new semester.  My goals are ambitious, as I am taking two course, finding an advisor for my Master’s thesis, and starting a new blog. In some ways my … Continue reading

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What to See and Do at the Joint Mathematics Meeting II

Last month, I was just beginning to plan my trip to the JMM in San Diego.   The JMM is next week, and I am looking forward to meeting fellow students from other universities and interacting with mathematicians from around the … Continue reading

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What to See and Do at the Joint Mathematics Meeting

How do you choose which lectures to attend at large conferences?  I was thinking of the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) in January when I asked this question.  There are several answers.  AMS has even developed a scheduling tool to help … Continue reading

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Practicing Mathematics on Sports

I enjoy sports. Thus, the intersection of sports and mathematics gives me great enjoyment. Sabermetrics, the application of statistics and other quantitative methods to baseball analysis, was my first introduction to this intersection of sports and mathematics. Sabermetrics has enhanced … Continue reading

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