What to See and Do at the Joint Mathematics Meeting II

Cedric Villani

Cedric Villani

Last month, I was just beginning to plan my trip to the JMM in San Diego.   The JMM is next week, and I am looking forward to meeting fellow students from other universities and interacting with mathematicians from around the country, and the world.

I’ve used the scheduling tool and imported my schedule to Google Calendar.  I’m excited about Cedric Villani’s talk, On Disorder and Equilibration, Wednesday night.  This is partly because I’m a night owl, and partly because thermodynamics was my favorite subject as a chemical engineering student.  I hope I’m still fresh for the 8:30 p.m. talk after waking early in the morning.  I am printing the abstracts of the talks I have planned to attend.  This will focus my mind on the information I will receive next week.

However, I also want to stay open to other opportunities, for example lingering at lunch with newfound friends in lieu of attending a lecture as planned.  Finally, I am excited about riding the rails each morning from my inn in Chula Vista to the Convention Center, and back again each night.  If you have a chance, ride the San Diego trolley.

What are you excited about seeing or doing at the JMM, mathematically related or otherwise?  I hope to see you next week.

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