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Thank You Tyler

As we welcome a new Editor-in-Chief Matthew Simonson, I want to express my admiration and gratitude to the outgoing Editor Tyler Clark, who over the past three and a half years has made the Graduate Student Blog what it is … Continue reading

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Tyler Clark new Editor-in-Chief

The AMS Graduate Student Blog is happy to announce the appointment of Tyler Clark as Editor-in-Chief, after excellent service as Senior Editor. We would like to thank Kareem Carr for his invaluable service as founding Editor-in-Chief; he now assumes the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Making Time for “Real World” Activities in Grad School

Guest post by Angelita Williams, who writes on the topics of online college courses. As any graduate student knows, the world of academia is an insular and somewhat bizarre one. We don’t dress up, we sleep at odd hours, and our meals, … Continue reading

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Guest post by Brennon of Stephen Wolfram is one of the most famous and innovative Mathematicians of our time. In February, he gave a presentation for the TED Awards about “Computing a theory of everything,” where he discussed his … Continue reading

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What Do These Students Want?!: Some Teaching Tips from the Other Side

Guest post by Kate Cunningham Kate writes on the topics of online university rankings for  She welcomes your questions and comments. About a year ago, Tom Wright posted some very insightful graduate student teaching tips here at the AMS blog. These tips … Continue reading

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