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Maya Sharma is studying for her MS in mathematics at Loyola University Chicago.

Math Meets Music

Have you ever found a really fun math or science song? I’m always interested in combining math with other subjects, so I think math-themed songs are pretty entertaining. There are more than you might think, running the gamut from serious … Continue reading

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Math Software

Happy back-to-school, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the academic year. One of the more interesting things from my school year thus far is learning to use Gambit in my game theory class. Gambit is an open-source … Continue reading

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Queer Studies, Special Education, and Mathematics

I recently read educator James Sheldon’s paper Erasing Queer Subjects, Constructing Disabled Subjects: Toward a Queering of Mathematics Disabilities, which questions the relative absence of mathematics in the field of queer studies, discusses ways in which special education mathematics curricula … Continue reading

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Math Linkspam

For this post, I thought I would share some math-related links I’ve enjoyed lately. The fun part of writing this was that compiling the links made me think about how many different areas math really impacts—you can find it in … Continue reading

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Investigating Physics

Since the fields are so closely related, a lot of people who study math also end up studying at least a little bit of physics. I always wanted to take a physics class when I was an undergrad, but I … Continue reading

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