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For this post, I thought I would share some math-related links I’ve enjoyed lately. The fun part of writing this was that compiling the links made me think about how many different areas math really impacts—you can find it in fields as diverse as biology, data analysis, and media studies. Anyway, here are the links:

Can plants do math? Scientists say there are involuntary computations involved in the control of plants’ food supplies. (via

At The Guardian, an article about how a big data firm is planning to pursue topological data analysis.

NPR breaks down the gender divide in movies, by the numbers.

At The Huffington Post, pictures of some hilariously bad math in advertising.

Finally, many of you have probably seen this already, but I thought the recent xkcd about coordinate systems was cute.

If you have any recent (or old, for that matter) favorite math links, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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Maya Sharma is studying for her MS in mathematics at Loyola University Chicago.
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