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AMS Sectional Meetings Funding

The AMS will be accepting applications for partial travel support for graduate students attending any of the four AMS Fall 2013 Sectional Meetings (October 5-6, 2013, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY; October 12-13, 2013, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; October 18-20, … Continue reading

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A Neutrino’s Mass: Challenging Physicists and….Mathematicians?

Some puzzles exist beyond the confinement of pure mathematical thought and forge their way into the realm of physical reality.   In 1930, the theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli brought one such conundrum to light.  In a letter to famed physicist Lise … Continue reading

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The Weak and Strong Goldbach Conjectures

In 1742 the German mathematician Christian Goldbach wrote a letter to Leonhard Euler proposing two problems that, until recently, have seen little progress.  In modern terms, the problems are identified as either the Weak or Strong Goldbach Conjecture.  The Strong … Continue reading

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What Would Plato Think of a Metric Space?

On one side, Platonism concerns the existence of an abstract world of mathematical objects which is independent of our concrete world. On the other side, some think that mathematics is grounded in the human world and is influenced by culture, … Continue reading

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