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Repair Scanned Documents With gscan2pdf

I had the pleasure last week of tracking down an article locked behind a digital paywall. It arrived through inter-library loan in the form of a book, all issues of the journal that year bound together. I felt a little … Continue reading

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The Strong Goldbach Conjecture: An Equivalent Statement

Some problems in mathematics remain buried deep in the catacombs of slow progress.   Whether in Algebra, Topology, Discrete Math, or Analysis, mind-stretching mysteries await to be discovered beyond the boundaries of former thought.  Frequently, solutions to such problems come from … Continue reading

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Gardner’s Two Tribes

Mathematical conundrums are not always the product of academic rigor.   Sometimes they come from a recreational playground built on the foundation of logic and unique understanding.   Beyond numbers and sets, mathematical thinking is rooted in the ability to … Continue reading

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