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Math vs. Stats: A Fight to the…Bank?

Hi there!  This is my first time writing a blog post, so I hope you enjoy it!  My name is Samantha Tyner, and I’m a first year grad student in Statistics at Iowa State University.  I graduated from Augustana College … Continue reading

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Teaching the “Unteachable”

by Melanie Laffin The first teaching assignment I had was for a course called “Calculus for Life Sciences.” This course was a baptism of fire in basic calculus, studying limits, derivatives, integrals and their applications, and the students who took … Continue reading

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Mathematics and Mental Illness

By Vishal Lama It shall be my endeavor as one of the editors of this blog to discuss topics that may perhaps be tangential to mathematics proper but, nevertheless, very important to anyone learning mathematics. Since students of mathematics – … Continue reading

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