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Hookups, Dating, and Markov Chains: Teaching Matrices so that Your Students Won’t Hate Them, Part III

Having taught your students how to visualize matrix multiplication and why performing this bizarre dance of arithmetic could help make society a better place, the next logical step might be to raise a matrix to a power, say, to help your … Continue reading

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Matrices and MLK Day

When I learned how to multiply matrices in 10th grade, my initial reaction was, “Why on earth would anyone ever want to do that?”  Compared to addition and subtraction, the rules of matrix multiplication seemed arbitrary and meaningless.  Alas, this … Continue reading

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Visualizing Newton’s Method

Well for most of us winter break is coming to an end, or for the unlucky, might have already ended, which means its time to start thinking about teaching again. One of the topics commonly covered in a first or … Continue reading

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Time to start planning your summer!

As the days grow shorter and pumpkin-flavored everythings begin to inundate our lives, we are just starting to accept that summer is really over.  But believe it or not, it’s already time to start planning next summer!  In this post, I … Continue reading

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My solution to a panicked classroom

Coming into grad school, I had little experience communicating mathematics to students who were not already committed to learning the material and minimal background in educational pedagogy. This post is all about how I dealt with one problem this semester. … Continue reading

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