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I am a graduate student in mathematics studying algebraic combinatorics flavored by Coxeter groups at University of Colorado, Boulder. I earned my B.S. in mathematics at Northern Arizona University in May 2014.

Daily Quizzes: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly—Part 1

This past semester, I decided to do something crazy—I gave my students a quiz (nearly) every day of class. You can imagine that my students weren’t nearly as excited as I was about this plan. In case you’re looking for … Continue reading

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Computers in Math Education

A guest post by Kyle Cluver: In Conrad Wolfram’s video, Teaching kids real math with computers, he discusses the interesting topic of mathematics in education versus real world mathematics. He argues that math education is all about calculating and that this … Continue reading

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Pixar in a Box: My New Answer to “What’s this good for?”

Questions like “Why do we need to know this?” or “When am I ever going to use this in real life?” seem to show up every time I put the definition of the derivative on the board in a calculus … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Tutoring: More Than Extra Income

A guest post from Natalie Coston: Every Monday morning, I start my week sitting at my desk and waiting for the familiar voice that I have come to know so well over the years. My tutoring student walks in and greets me … Continue reading

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Announcing a New Editor! You could be next…

We are pleased to announce that Alexi Hoeft will be filling a brand new leadership position on this blog as our Managing Editor! In addition to her stellar blogging about Having a Great Math Staycation and other topics, Alexi will be … Continue reading

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