Up to Date Blog Content for JMM 2017

Looking for blog content about the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings? Check out the JMM 2017 Blog where you can catch up on yesterday’s main events and keep up with some of the main events during the meeting. I really enjoyed reading Profession, State of since I couldn’t attend the full panel discussion but I can still hear the ideas for increasing diversity in the professions from the awesome set of panelists.

Some of the posts are done live so attendees can jump in on events while they happen. Other posts are done after the event which allows the authors to give more of an overview of everything that occurred.


About Sarah K. Salmon

I am a graduate student in mathematics studying algebraic combinatorics flavored by Coxeter groups at University of Colorado, Boulder. I earned my B.S. in mathematics at Northern Arizona University in May 2014.
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