A Hidden Gem for the JMM

The start of the new year comes with the hustle and bustle of thousands of mathematicians converging this week on the city of Atlanta for the 2017 Joint Mathematics Meetings. With so many talks, panels, poster sessions, exhibits, and other engagements, deciding what to do during the conference can be a daunting task. Even once you sift through all of the choices, it’s no small feat to keep everything straight.

Anytime we have a problem, what do we do? We use an app! Here to save you at JMM is the 2017 JMM Mobile App! You can search for events, personalize your schedule (which can add things to your calendar!), and even give updates/announcements about the conference. The app also has a networking feature that can help you connect to others attending JMM.

Okay, so maybe it’s not a “hidden gem” since it’s the first links on the JMM website and there’s a description in the registration packet but I’m still excited to check it out and take some of the bookkeeping out of my brain and onto my phone.  I didn’t get a chance to utilize the app last year so if you give it a shot or have any tips or tricks, let us know!

About Sarah K. Salmon

I am a graduate student in mathematics studying algebraic combinatorics flavored by Coxeter groups at University of Colorado, Boulder. I earned my B.S. in mathematics at Northern Arizona University in May 2014.
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