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2014-11-01 10.44.27I like to use my iPad for a lot of tasks. I’ve written about taking notes on the iPad using Penultimate and the Jot Script. I found an app called TeX Writer. It is an app available for iOS, Android, and there is a new web version.

I really like that it allows me to compile documents on the go whether I am connected to the internet or not. It also connects with Dropbox, so I can include all of my packages in a Dropbox folder and it will allow me to edit TeX documents I have saved in Dropbox. One issue I am having is I have not figure out how to select text in it yet (I think this might just be a glitch with iOS 8, though).

What TeX editors do you use on your iPad or other tablet? What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them?

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  1. Avatar Stephen De Gabrielle says:

    There are three editors available in the App Store.

    I like texpad, but I’d love to know what you think.

    The distinguishing features are (IMHO):

    1. [TexPad](https://www.texpadapp.com/) has excellent edit/keyboard features AND cloud and device compilation
    1. [TeX Writer](http://www.texwriterapp.com/) excellent, but different, edit/keyboard features 🙂
    1. [VerbTeX](https://www.verbosus.com/ios-latex-editor-for-ipad-and-iphone.html) has and an extended keyboard AND cloud and device compilation

    **Web applications which supports the iPad**

    – [Overleaf][1]
    – [ShareLaTeX](https://www.sharelatex.com/)

    _equation editors that use TeX_

    – [MathPad][2], which provides *mathematics* handwriting recognition and LaTeX export.
    – [MathBot](http://www.wiapps.de/MathBot/index.html) TeX equation editor (TeX in, Image out)

    [1]: https://www.overleaf.com/mobile
    [2]: http://MyScript%20MathPad%20-%20Handwriting%20LaTeX%20generator%20by%20MyScript%20https://appsto.re/gb/Vh6oO.i

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