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Are you good at asking questions?

One might think that asking a question is very trivial; in mathematics, maybe in early years of learning, asking what 1+1 is might be very innocent, until to later realize that the answer can be complicated. After years of mathematical … Continue reading

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Solitary 10

Connections between integers are deeply studied in the field of Number Theory.  In certain instances, these abstractions are attributed character that takes shape in tangible analogs. When referring to colleague and prodigy, Srinivasa Ramanujan, the mathematician John E. Littlewood remarked, … Continue reading

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Math Meets Music

Have you ever found a really fun math or science song? I’m always interested in combining math with other subjects, so I think math-themed songs are pretty entertaining. There are more than you might think, running the gamut from serious … Continue reading

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Weekend Getaway Guide: A Mathematics Research Conference

Do you feel confused or puzzled when you are facing bunches of conferences or seminars? Katharine from University of Kentucky has some good points on that. In the article, Weekend Getaway Guide:  A Mathematics Research Conference, she thought one should start attending math conferences … Continue reading

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