Getting Started with Beamer: Tips and Tricks for LaTeX Presentations

beamerHave you ever confused about the option of LaTeX and PowerPoint before the presentation? In my view, most math people prefer LaTeX. Because it’s easy, fast, neat. Most important, FREE!!

Whatever you are a expert in LaTeX or a rookie, I think it would not hurt to have a look at Jeromy’s post on his blog that provides a guide to getting started with Beamer, a popular LaTeX package for preparing slide presentations. This post:

1) Lists some of the benefits of Beamer in comparison to PowerPoint

2) Links to tutorials and suggestions for learning Beamer for both people who do and do not know LaTeX

3) Documents problems that Jeromy encountered when learning to use Beamer and some solutions

The full post will be found in this linkage. Also, it would be very welcome if you could share some experience, questions or solutions with us when you use the Beamer.

About Shijie Gu

I'm a PhD student of UWM. I obtained MS from University of Nevada Reno. My research interests include Geometric Topology (decomposition theory), PDEs, Wavelets, Numerical Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamic and Chaos.
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