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WCGTC World Conference

In addition to teaching a class at the Summer Camp for Academically Talented Middle School Students this summer, I also helped with planning the 20th Biennial World Conference hosted by the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. It was … Continue reading

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Ramanujan’s Taxicab Number

Mathematical discoveries are not always birthed in the delivery room of revolutionary thinking.  Often times, they are found in small interactions that emerge from casual conversations.  Throughout history, the frontiers of mathematics have been riddled with concepts protruding from the … Continue reading

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Do you think mathematically?

I have recently had a chance to talk to some mathematicians and other math students about their research; I would hear them describe to me, in intricate details, the subjects they have worked on for numerous hours. Surprisingly, I realized … Continue reading

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The Problem Of Brocard

Down through the river of time, rapids of mathematical imagination have emerged curving the path of linear thought.   Often times, problems arising from these rocky waters branch off into smaller streams and drift indefinitely avoiding the trappings of resolution.  One … Continue reading

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Queer Studies, Special Education, and Mathematics

I recently read educator James Sheldon’s paper Erasing Queer Subjects, Constructing Disabled Subjects: Toward a Queering of Mathematics Disabilities, which questions the relative absence of mathematics in the field of queer studies, discusses ways in which special education mathematics curricula … Continue reading

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