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Top Site for Graduates

The AMS Graduate Student Blog has been ranked in the top 100 sites for Master’s and PhD candidates. The full list can be found on the Online Ph.D. Program’s blog. The sites are not listed in any particular order. Thank you … Continue reading

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Collaboration Distance

People often like calculating their Erdos number. I recently found MathSciNet’s “Collaboration Distance” tool, and had some fun looking how far away I was from some of my friends.

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Mission Counterexample!

Providing a counterexample can be the most challenging and frustrating exercise for me.  For example, one of my recent homework exercises was to give an example of a metric space where the closure of an open ball, , could differ … Continue reading

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Is there a difference between “Education” and “Learning”?

“Education” and “learning” seem to be used as synonymous in many instances. One would hear phrases such as “Higher Education institutions” for universities and “Learning Centers” for places in those institutions where people supposedly are involved in acquiring some required … Continue reading

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