This Day in Mathematics History


I enjoy reading about mathematics history. One of my favorite websites for this is hosted by the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Today’s mathematician births and deaths are shown below. This page also has some quotations from the day’s featured mathematicians. The MAA also has a nice page A listing from the MAA about today is shown below also.

I also enjoy reading a theorem for the day. Check out by Robin Whitty for today’s theorem.

Do you know of any other good websites with information for “This Day in Mathematics History”?

Mathematicians born on this day:1707 : Buffon
1819 : Bouquet
1901 : Robb
1903 : Dudley Littlewood
1915 : Ito
1948 : Praeger
1955 : Zelmanov
Mathematicians who died on this day:1682 : Caramuel
1918 : Sylow
1936 : Grossmann
1947 : Cipolla
1951 : Harry Schmidt
1985 : Pólya
2003 : David Spence



1707 Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, born in Cote d’Or, France. Buffon’s needle experiment used probability to estimate pi. He introduced calculus into probability theory.More information about:
Georges Buffon
Buffon’s Needle
1918 Ludwig Sylow died in Christiania (Oslo), Norway. He proved the famous Sylow theorems of group theory in 1872.More information about:
Peter Ludwig Sylow
1923 The AMS adopted a resolution “sanctioning the establishment of a lectureship to be known as the Josiah Willard Gibbs Lectureship, the lecture to deal in semi-popular form with some aspect of mathematics or its applications.”More information about:
American Mathematical Society
Gibbs Lecturers
1930 Kurt Godel announced his famous Incompleteness Theorem — that there are true but unprovable statements in arithmetic — in a discussion on the foundations of mathematics organized by the Vienna Circle.More information about:
Kurt Godel
Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem
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