2012 AMS Election Information


Voting Information for 2012 AMS Election

AMS members who have chosen to vote online will receive an email message on or shortly after August 20, 2012, from the AMS Election Coordinator, Survey & Ballot Systems.

The From Line will be .AMS Election Coordinator,.
the Sender email address will be noreply@directvote.net, and
the Subject Line will be “AMS 2012 Election – login information below.”

The body of the message will provide your unique voting login information and the address (URL) of the voting web site.  If you use a spam filter you may want to use the above address or subject information to configure your spam filter to ensure this email will be delivered to you.

At midnight (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) on November 2, 2012, the web site will stop accepting votes.  Paper ballots received after this date will not be counted.

Additional information regarding the 2012 AMS Election is available on the AMS web site:  www.ams.org/about-us/governance/elections/election-info; or by contacting the AMS:  election@ams.org, 800-321-4267 (US & Canada), 401-455-4000 (worldwide).

Thank you and . . . please remember to vote.

Robert J. Daverman

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