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Scientific Publishing Link Roundup

My colleague covered the particular airing of grievances following Timothy Gowers’ blog post in January. As a graduate student still working to finish up course requirements, I think about the publishing process sort of how I think about taxes. I … Continue reading

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The “Cost of Knowledge” – On the Elsevier boycott and the push for more open access

In the STEM fields, knowledge through research results is shared amongst academics and researchers by means of publications in research journals. ┬áSome of the big name research journal publishers consist of Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, Science, Nature, etc. In the last … Continue reading

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Conference Talks

I recently presented at the 2012 Kentucky MAA Annual meeting. It was an excellent conference held on the Bellarmine University campus in Louisville, KY. Back in October, I posted a bit about Beamer. At that time, I had not used … Continue reading

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Jean Joseph, New Senior Editor

The AMS Graduate Student Blog is happy to announce the appointment of Jean Joseph as Senior Editor.

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Should we Trust Numbers that Much?

Nowadays, if one reads an article from a newspaper or a magazine, it is very likely there will be mention of some statistics, whether about the percentage of Americans that favor a candidate, of students that claim to be satisfied … Continue reading

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