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KYMAA BannerI recently presented at the 2012 Kentucky MAA Annual meeting. It was an excellent conference held on the Bellarmine University campus in Louisville, KY. Back in October, I posted a bit about Beamer. At that time, I had not used Beamer very much. I have had a little more time to try it out though (my advisor also created his first Beamer presentation for this conference). Feel free to take a look at my presentation and give me feedback. You can download it at

None of the current themes are appealing to me. There are good and bad aspects to all of them. Does anyone know about any online guides for creating/altering Beamer themes?

On another note, one of my fellow graduate students, Elizabeth Krantz gave a very nice talk. When she had finished, our session leader shared a thought with us. He said he had heard that a good talk should have two things: one result and one joke and the audience should know the difference between the two.

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