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Molière in a Topology Class–Really?!

I’ve recently read this article and have been resisting not to discuss (or think about) it too much, lest that it finally convince me (or force me to see) that the idea of an education for its own sake is … Continue reading

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Become your own taskmaster

I work really well when someone tells me what to do. “Read this paper,” “think about this idea,” “see if your graph can be embedded on a sphere, rather than the plane” — with such instruction, I can be very … Continue reading

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Become an Editor of the AMS Grad Blog?

If you have been reading the blog and want to try your hand at writing some articles yourself, please email me, Tyler Clark (Editor-in-Chief), at We ask that you be a graduate student in mathematics and have at least … Continue reading

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Happy Pi-Day

As many are aware, today is Pi-Day (3/14). I had someone ask me today what Pi-Day actually was. The AMS has been posting questions today on their facebook page ( and their Twitter page (!/amermathsoc). I was lucky enough to … Continue reading

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Tyler Clark new Editor-in-Chief

The AMS Graduate Student Blog is happy to announce the appointment of Tyler Clark as Editor-in-Chief, after excellent service as Senior Editor. We would like to thank Kareem Carr for his invaluable service as founding Editor-in-Chief; he now assumes the … Continue reading

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