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Choosing a Journal for Your Paper

By Kareem Carr Recently, Diana wrote about how to submit a paper for publication. I thought I’d touch on one earlier aspect of this process, how to choose where to submit your paper.

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A Liberal Perspective on Mathematics Education

by Jean Joseph After reading Katz’s article “Gender, Race, and Sexuality in Mathematics,” Wolcott’s article “An argument for ‘meta-mathematics’,” Moore’s biography, and Gödel’s biography (which I am still reading), it seems there is a recurrent theme, a theme which I’ve … Continue reading

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Sorting and Reading All Those Papers

By Laura Zirbel Last month, I wrote about how to get and read papers from the arXiv in Google Reader. Now that we have all these papers, and have filtered out the ones we want to read, how do we … Continue reading

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The Pigeonhole Principle

By Melanie Laffin We have all heard the analogy of how we, as humans, are a fraction of a speck of dust with regard to the vastness of the universe. If we ceased to exist, the universe would really not … Continue reading

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PhD + epsilon Summer Vacation Article

by Tyler Clark Adriana Salerno has made an interesting post on the PhD + Epsilon blog. She talks about how complicated summer is for math professors. Her to-do list for this summer consists of “submit at least one of two … Continue reading

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