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More on the New AMS Membership Categories

by Kareem Carr Ellen Maycock has been kind enough to supply us with some more information on graduate student categories in two comments made in response to my last article.  I will just reproduce her comments here. Frank Morgan suggested … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Silence?

by Angelean Hendrix I remember the days when you would walk into a library and it would be dead quiet. It was so nice. I am currently in search of that peaceful silence. These days it is hard to find. … Continue reading

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Math-Art Resources

by Brian Katz If you are looking for some cool math-art, check out the new documentary “Between the Folds”. The math content is a little lite for some classes, but it’s extremely well done and inspirational. It is also quite … Continue reading

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Do I Really Sound Like That?

by Derek Smith Last quarter I had a video consultation through the TA Development Program on campus. Every new teaching assistant must sign up to have a section recorded. The consultation consisted of a one-on-one discussion, with the DVD used … Continue reading

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I Just Have One Question For You….

by Tom Wright Interviews are a funny thing. Every interview is such a different animal – every school is so different, every interviewer has such a different style, everyone responds so differently to the same sorts of statements….and yet, the … Continue reading

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