Enjoy the Silence?

by Angelean Hendrix

I remember the days when you would walk into a library and it would be dead quiet. It was so nice.

I am currently in search of that peaceful silence. These days it is hard to find.

My office mates seem to always have office hours when I need some peace.  For some reason, my office seems like Grand Central Station sometimes. Headphones help, but hinder my best thought processes. Home is not much better. I have 2 children. I know that’s unusual, but I am sure many of you have roommates that challenge your search for absolute quiet.

With this in mind, I went on a search for a quiet work/thinking space. First I tried the library. No longer are our libraries guarded by the shushing sounds of older quiet librarians with glasses and buns (you know at least one like that). They are hives of social activity! video games and large study groups. Even on the 9th floor of our library, you can’t get away. In my search for a place of thoughtful reflection, I have tried museums, coffee shops, book stores, even parks.

Has the reverence of silent reflection died?

As scientific minds, are true revelations possible without the opportunity to clear one’s mind? Where has the silence gone?

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