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Never Look for a Job Again

by Angelean Hendrix Seriously!  Companies should be knocking your door down.  Universities should be bending over backwards, begging you to accept their tenure offer. Ok, that’s a little much. Wouldn’t it be nice though?  Becoming a hot commodity on the job … Continue reading

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Fellowships, Deadlines, and You

by Derek Smith Why are you reading this? You should be working on fellowship applications! They are quickly approaching! Then why am I writing this? No, I’m not finished applying, but I’d like to impart some quasi-motivational advice. First, don’t let … Continue reading

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Mathematics and Mental Illness

By Vishal Lama It shall be my endeavor as one of the editors of this blog to discuss topics that may perhaps be tangential to mathematics proper but, nevertheless, very important to anyone learning mathematics. Since students of mathematics – … Continue reading

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Is a High-ranked School Always the Best Choice?

By Kareem Carr For those who are not quite in graduate school yet or for those who are thinking about a switch, there is an interesting question being discussed on the mathematics stack exchange: I’m a senior undergrad at a … Continue reading

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Midterm Overload: Strategies for Staying Focused

By Kareem Carr Midterm season is upon us, and one of the main challenges students face is staying focused for the long hours needed to complete assignments, take-home exams and studying. Some distractions, like Hallowe’en or Friday night, are large … Continue reading

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