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Wikipedia and Mathematics

by Tyler Clark Lately I have seen quite a few online blog entries “citing” Wikipedia for their information. While Wikipedia contains a wealth of information, there is a right and a wrong way to utilize Wikipedia. I fear that this … Continue reading

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Graduate Student Seminars

by Branden Stone It is my impression that not every institution has a graduate student seminar, that is, a seminar completely organized by graduate students.  This was the case at my university, so I decided to start one.  This gave … Continue reading

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Things I Wish I Knew Before Grad School

By Angelean Hendrix Every day I sit in class and find out something else it was assumed I knew before starting graduate school.  As many come from different undergraduate institutions, and therefore backgrounds, I thought it would be interesting, beneficial, and … Continue reading

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The Minimalist Approach to an Advisor

by Kareem Carr Human beings are diverse. The recent article by one of our newest Editors, Angelean, on finding a new approach to job hunting reminded me a friend who took a similarly pro-active role for writing her thesis. Many … Continue reading

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Exercise Your Mind

By Adam Topaz As graduate students, we live intellectual lives — coffee, cookies and math papers. Over the couple of years I’ve been in grad school, I’ve tried using some different methods to increase my productivity, some of which have … Continue reading

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