Graduate Student Webpages

by Brian Simanek

I was recently encouraged to make a professional webpage.  A webpage allows people to learn about me and my work before meeting me.  This led me to consider what information should be on a professional webpage —and how it should be presented.  The webpage of a graduate student can be easy to design and in my experience, there are plenty of mathematicians with adequate knowledge on the subject should you need help designing one.

The webpages of many professional mathematicians contain:
1) contact information, often including a picture,
2) professional activities including research interests and upcoming conferences,
3) teaching information (past and current),
4) selected publications.

Some graduate student webpages that I think are well designed are (links posted with permission):
Diana Davis, Brown
Alden Walker, Caltech
I also have a webpage.
There is also tremendous variation in what goes into a webpage.  Some people use their website to post photos from a recent trip or links to various blogs.  Others I have seen combine their personal and professional websites into one.  There does not seem to be a preferred way to maintain a professional website.  Each person creates their own in accordance with how they feel comfortable presenting themselves electronically.
Do you have a webpage?  What kinds of things do you post there?

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