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Irving is a fourth-year graduate student studying topology and geometry at Princeton University. His mathematical interests include gauge theory and related Floer homologies. In his spare time he plays the violin (occasionally, and usually badly). He is fond of cats.

The Man Who Knew Infinity (Mathematical Movie!)

Hi! For this post, I thought I would take a break from posting math riddles and take a brief moment to draw your attention to an exciting new movie premiering in the United States this week – “The Man Who … Continue reading

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Computing π with Billiards (Mathematical Puzzles/Riddles, Part IV)

In honor of this past Monday being Pi day, I thought I would post a special mathematical oddity/riddle related to calculating π. Many of you may be familiar with the famous Buffon’s needle problem, in which π is estimated by … Continue reading

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Hats, Parties, and Driving Cars (Mathematical Puzzles/Riddles, Part III)

Hi, and happy (late) new year! The holidays are drawing to a close (or have already closed) and classes are starting (or have already started). In case you don’t want to think about all of that, here are some more … Continue reading

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Math Puzzles/Riddles, Part II

Hi! For this month, we have two new math problems/riddles, once again posted without solutions (in order to encourage discussion). Have fun!

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A Few Math Riddles

Hello, and welcome! I wanted to make my first post for this blog about something light, so I thought I would share three of my favorite “over-the-dinner-table” math riddles/problems. These are all in the folklore, but you might not have … Continue reading

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