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Nick Trefethen Comes to UW

by Nicholas Cain Nick Trefethen is one of those speakers that you only have to hear once to become entirely hooked on his future lectures.  I have now attended three lectures in two days, and I have come away from … Continue reading

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Career Advice Column at Inside Higher Ed

by Daniel Erman I just discovered that Eszter Hargittai has started a career advice column for academics. It’s called “Ph.Do” and appears at Inside Higher Ed. Here are a couple of quotes lifted from her first column, which should give … Continue reading

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Mentoring Advice

I’ve just begun mentoring a pair of first year graduate students as part of Berkeley’s mentoring program (recently revamped by the student group Unbounded Representation). Thus, I’ve been recently wondering about the following question: What is the most important piece of advice for a first year graduate student in mathematics?

I offer my opinion below the fold. In addition, Adam Boocher, who is a 2nd year graduate student (I’m in my 5th year) will offer his opinion in a companion post on this blog. We’re also curious to hear from anyone else with an opinion on this question (especially those of you that diagree with us!)

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A recent comic on contains the following fictitious dialogue between Tajel, a grad student, and her advisor…

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Welcome Math Graduate Students

On behalf of the American Math Society, I want to welcome all of you graduate students to the AMS and put this blog in your hands. Email me if you would like to be on the graduate student editorial board … Continue reading

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