New Editor-in-Chief

To all the readers of the AMS Graduate Blog,

First, let me say thank you all for supporting mathematics graduate students (possibly even your fellow graduate students) by reading the blog! I am very excited to announce to you all that the AMS Graduate Blog has a new Editor-in-Chief. As of this Fall, Jasmine Camero will be taking over as the Editor-in-Chief. Jasmine is a second year Mathematics Ph.D. student at Emory University. I am very excited to see the future of the blog under her supervision, as I am sure you all are. So a warm welcome and congratulations (not to mention big thank you for all the future effort) Jasmine! She will be introducing herself better than I ever could in a future post soon.

About Caleb McWhorter

Caleb McWhorter is a Ph.D. student at Syracuse University studying Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry. Caleb is also interested in Mathematics Education and Outreach and works as a Teaching Mentor at Syracuse University.
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