Goodbye and Hello!

As we begin the new year, we welcome new leadership at the Grad Blog! I’ve enjoyed my time leading this blog and the community this venue provides. As we exit our season of rest and regrouping, Caleb McWhorter is stepping up to the role of Editor-in-Chief! Be on the lookout for some new and exciting content and as always, reach out to the team if you get bitten by the writing bug.


About Sarah K. Salmon

I am a graduate student in mathematics studying algebraic combinatorics flavored by Coxeter groups at University of Colorado, Boulder. I earned my B.S. in mathematics at Northern Arizona University in May 2014.
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2 Responses to Goodbye and Hello!

  1. Avatar Kathy Stone says:

    Glad you received such well-deserved recognition and appreciation at the Nashville conference. Hope you felt it!

  2. Avatar Annette Emerson says:

    We in the AMS Public Awareness Office thank you for serving as editor-in-chief of this blog from 2016-2019! It takes time, organization and creativity to manage the blog, and you and the writers covered lots of great topics for grad students all over. Best wishes in your future career path!

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