Call for Writers!

Are you interested in contributing the AMS grad student blog (or know someone who is)?  We are looking to assemble as stellar team of staff writers from the coming year, so please put interested students in touch with editor-in-chief Sarah Salmon. We welcome contributions on anything related to grad school life (teaching, managing stress, preparing for exams, etc.) or math (including math history, minorities in math, riddles, visualizations, videos, interesting theorems and proofs).  Staff writers commit to writing one post each month ranging from a few lines to a full essay and should be masters or PhD students in math, applied math, network science, operations research, or other highly mathematical fields whose interests and experiences mirror those of math grad students (certain subfields of economics, physics, computational biology, or computer science, for example).  We also welcome sporadic guest contributions from those not yet or no longer in graduate school who have something to say of interest to the math grad school community.

About Matthew Simonson

I am a second-year Network Science doctoral student at Northeastern University in Boston. I model homophily and time-varying dynamics on social networks.
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  1. Behnam says:

    How do we contact Sarah Salmon. I can’t find an email address.

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