With the start of the new school year, we say farewell to our editor-in-chief (me) and welcome several editors to new roles.  I’m honored to have served the grad student community this past year and excited to pass the torch on to our first female editor-in-chief, Sarah Salmon!  The amazing Alexi Hoeft is moving up to fill Sarah’s old role of senior editor, while Irving Dai will serve as managing editor.  As always, we are eager to welcome new staff writers who can contribute monthly, as well as writers interested in an occasional guest post, so please refer interested writers to sarah.k.salmon@gmail.com

About Matthew Simonson

I am a second-year Network Science doctoral student at Northeastern University in Boston. I model homophily and time-varying dynamics on social networks.
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3 Responses to Farewelcome

  1. Frank Morgan says:

    Many thanks to Matt Simonson for his year as Editor-in-Chief. The blog has prospered under his excellent leadership and is now regularly excerpted in Notices of the American Mathematical Society.
    —Frank Morgan, Publisher

  2. Graham Leuschke says:

    It’s a little weird to point out that Sarah Salmon is female.

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