New Graduate Student Section in Notices of the AMS

As stated by the AMS “The Notices is the world’s most widely read magazine aimed at professional mathematicians. … [it] is sent to the approximately 30,000 AMS members worldwide, one-third of whom reside outside the United States.”

Frank Morgan, new Editor-in-Chief of Notices of the AMS, has introduced the “Graduate Student Section” to Notices of the AMS. This section will include interviews with mathematicians, an improved version of the popular “What is …?” series, excerpts from the AMS Graduate Student Blog, and other sporadic articles. I will be conducting email interviews and working in other articles for the Graduate Student Section. The first issue of Notices under Frank’s tenure is available in We have enhanced the website and added comment boxes. So feel free to take a look and add your comments!

We hope that this new section will spark interest in the graduate student body, so we get more involved in Notices. While we have a course of action in place, there is no better feedback than that of us, graduate students. Please feel free to email me ( names of people you would like to be interviewed, questions you would like me to ask, topics you would like to see discussed in Notices articles, and any other comment or suggestion you might have.


About adiaz

Alexander is a fifth-year PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he completed a bachelor's degree in mathematics at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagez before arriving to Notre Dame. He currently studies Coxeter groups, representations of Hecke algebras and peak sets of classical Coxeter groups.
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