Thinking of Teaching? Here’s a great conference.

Are you looking ahead to a career that involves teaching and starting to wonder what that means for you? Then you should consider attending the annual Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) conference this summer, in Austin. The conference is incredibly welcoming, and this year’s theme is “Empowering with IBL”. The conference has strong connections to the Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning, Project NExT, and the MAA. The conference is inexpensive for graduate students, and it includes housing and food, plus it’s in Austin! See the link for more information.

Call for Papers

The program committee invites abstracts for the 2015 Legacy of R.L. Moore/Inquiry Based Learning Conference, to be held June 25 – 27 in Austin, TX. We are especially interested in presentations which fit with this year’s theme: “Empowering with IBL,” and highlight how inquiry-based learning gives students and instructors the space to realize their own talents.

Following the success of last year’s meeting, we encourage the submission of abstracts for ACTIVE contributed sessions. We hope that the longer (25 min) blocks will bring more hands-on, minds-on sessions which are focused on the practices of IBL instruction. We recognize that not everything of value easily lends itself to an activity or workshop; all presentations will be considered, and presentations that lend themselves less well to hands-on activities for large groups should consider the academic poster session.

We welcome proposals concerning any facet of IBL teaching and learning, but we encourage submission of proposals to fit these general sessions:

  1. My favorite IBL activity
  2. Teaching Inquiry and promoting questioning
  3. Student success outside of academe: IBL fostering success in business and industry
  4. Flipped course environments and IBL: Blending ideas and methods effectively.
  5. Poster Session
  6. IBL Innovations: new happenings


Call for Posters 

The conference planning committee has decided to emphasize poster sessions this year.  Poster sessions are becoming increasingly popular as a means for disseminating information in a format that allows for greater interaction between the presenter and the audience. Conference attendees who would like to present a topic not on listed are highly encouraged to present a poster.

As usual, time will be reserved for 5 minute talks. The organizers encourage 5 minute talks about “How I got here” which give short personal histories with IBL.

In addition to presentations, the organizers are planning to set aside networking times for the following areas: for experienced users, for new users of IBL to share their experiences, for Math Circle practitioners, and for potential IBL SIGMAA members.

Abstracts received by Wednesday, March 18, 2015 will be given full consideration. Submissions after that date will be considered on the basis of space available.

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