NSF Grant Opportunity for Veterans

The NSF recently announced a new opportunity for student veterans in the mathematical and physical sciences. Because there’s not much information out there besides their announcement, I will simply include a quote. (Assuming you’re a veteran, you won’t mind all of the acronyms.)

The Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS) at the National Science Foundation (NSF) is now accepting supplemental requests to support one (additional) Ph.D. student per award, as long as the graduate student is a United States Veteran. The proposed MPS-GRSVs will afford Veterans an opportunity to conduct research towards a doctoral degree with an NSF MPS Directorate active grantee.

There’s no dollar amount mentioned, but this one year award can be extended up to three years. Here’s to hoping your advisor has an NSF grant!

About Derek Smith

Former weather dude and scientific software developer. In the upcoming 2015-16 year I will complete my PhD at UCSB in nonlinear dispersive equations. I enjoy spending time with my two young daughters and running.
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