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2014-08-18 09.50.18With classes starting back up again, I thought it might be nice to share my favorite note taking resources. I bought an iPad Air a while back and love the Adonit Jot Script that I purchased for it. This stylus (although a bit costly, $74.99), has a much smaller tip than other styluses. It also connects via bluetooth to my iPad to help with palm rejection. It is the same size as ink pens I would use which makes it much more natural of a writing process.

I like to use the Penultimate App by Evernote with the Jot Script. Penultimate┬áhas built-in support for the pen 2014-08-18 09.56.42and will tell me when I need to replace the battery in my pen. A feature that I really like in Penultimate is the ability to search your notes. Suppose you are looking for something about measure in your notes. You can open the specific notebook and do a search for “measure.” The app will search through your handwritten notes for that word and put a yellow rectangle around it (as seen in the picture to the right). It saves a lot of time if you just need to look something up quickly in your notes. If you are an Evernote user, you can also have your Penultimate notebooks sync with your Evernote account. These can then be viewable and searchable from your computer.

What ways do you like to take notes electronically?

Good luck with the semester!

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  1. Alexi says:

    As I started to accumulate piles upon piles of composition books filled with all my course and seminar notes, I really began craving a note-taking system that would be portable and searchable. After checking out the different tablet and software options, I ended up going with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and I use OneNote to take my notes. I totally agree that it’s fantastic to have searchable handwritten notes and I like being able to add in photos or links or screenshots of webpages along the way. It’s also hard to predict when notes will be handy, and I like it how I can spontaneously look something up from months ago when it comes up in conversation or lecture.

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