My New Teaching Assistantship: iSTEM

IMG_3152This school year, I have a new teaching assistantship at the University of Central Florida. I am part of the Initiatives in STEM (iSTEM) program which includes the EXCEL and COMPASS programs at UCF. The goals of iSTEM are [1]:

  • To bring coherence to the many externally and internally STEM funded projects at UCF.
  • To increase grant and philanthropic funding efforts that support STEM education and related research by bringing together interested participants from throughout UCF and from outside UCF.
  • To position UCF in Florida and nationally as a hub for STEM education and related research.
  • To improve the STEM pipeline and produce a better STEM workforce.

EXCEL is a program that helps students in STEM fields be successful. The ultimate goal is to ensure that students with STEM majors actually graduate with a major in a STEM field. A brochure is available at

The COMPASS program is designed to “increase the number of UCF students pursuing a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) discipline” [2].

My current duties involve working with the calculus 2 course. I also work in the tutoring lab that is open throughout the week for students to get additional help with their work. I have been having a really fun time recalling my calculus 2 knowledge and helping students to understand the concepts.

What is your assistantship for the semester/year? Does your university have programs like this?




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