2014 Joint Math Meetings


January is still a ways off, but it is not too soon to start thinking about attending the 2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore! If you have attended a joint meeting in the past, you already know how great they can be. If you have not been able to attend, I highly recommend doing so.

The website (http://jointmathematicsmeetings.org/jmm) lists some top features of the meeting:

  • a comprehensive and rich scientific program geared toward mathematicians of all ages and levels of expertise;
  • featured lectures that will include the AMS Colloquium Lectures by Dusa McDuff; the AMS Gibbs Lecture by Andrew Blake; AMS Invited Addresses by Emmanuel CandèsChristopher HaconPaul Seidel, and Horng-Tzer Yau; MAA Invited Addresses byMichael StarbirdJill PipherWilliam DunhamSarah-Marie Belcastro, and Helaman and Claire Ferguson; the Porter Public Lecture by Eitan Grinspun of Columbia University; and the AMS Retiring Presidential Address by Eric Friedlander.
  • recognition of numerous mathematical achievements through Prize and Award Ceremonies;
  • courses such as the MAA Short Course, the AMS Short Course, and the MAA Minicourses;
  • many activities for students including the Graduate School Fair for undergraduate students;
  • poster sessions for young mathematicians and undergraduate students;
  • employment opportunities at the Mathematical Sciences Employment Center;
  • the Mathematical Art Exhibition that includes works by artists in various media;
  • the Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Competition that showcases the brilliance of ten of the nation’s best high school math students
  • exhibits filled with some of the leading scientific publishers, well-known computer hardware and software manufacturers, well-known health and lifestyle companies, companies offering mathematics enrichment products, and professional organizations

Now is a great time to think about giving a presentation and discussing funding opportunities with faculty members in your department. I hope to see you all in Baltimore!

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